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How would you guys feel about a mini giveaway?

I was thinking about giving away some VIXX & EXO art prints but I’m not sure if anyone would be interested.

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reblog this post and i’ll tell you which member of bangtan i ship you with based on your blog.

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Hey guys, I’ve decided that it’s time to do my first giveaway since I reached my goal of my first 1,000 followers not long ago! ^-^/ *claps* I’m so very thankful, you guys don’t know how awesome you are, and how much it means to me that you actually stick around with me and my blog. c: So, here’s a little reward for you guys!

The prizes up for grabs:

Two VIXX Eternity albums (member will be random)
One BTS Skool Luv Affair album
A random gift I’ll pick out based upon the things you post
There will be two winners for this giveaway, so reblog to your heart’s content for a chance. c:
First place will receive a VIXX Eternity album, BTS’s Skool Luv Affair album, and a little bonus gift that I’ll determine based on your blog.
Second place will receive a VIXX Eternity album and a little bonus gift that I’ll determine based on your blog.
What comes in the albums member wise is out of my control. They’ll be randomly sent, sorry about that. :c


Since this is a giveaway for my followers, you MUST be following me in order to enter [I will be checking!!]. And please don’t follow and unfollow right after the giveaway ends, that’s very rude and it would hurt my feelings. :c
You must have parental permission for me to ship the gift, or be 16+. Also, obviously be all right with giving me your address.
I ship internationally, so don’t worry about that.
Once I’ve selected the winners, you have 48 hours to respond. If you don’t respond within that length of time, I’ll pick someone else.
I’m picking through a random number generator. Whoever I pick is completely random, and my choice is not going to be biased at all.
Please don’t enter the giveaway with the intentions of winning and selling the prize once you get it. That’s a waste of my money.
You can reblog as many times as you want, but please don’t spam your followers.
Likes count as well.
Giveaway blogs are a don’t!! I’ll be checking on those as well.
The giveaway ends on Hongbin’s birthday, September 29th, 2014 at 6:00 A.M. CST.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything. c:
Btw since his birthday is a good bit away from now, there’s a good chance I’ll add something else for the giveaway if my budget can allow it, but we’ll see. B)

UPDATE: Ok, so I’ve decided to extend the date of the giveaway (don’t kill me, I’ve run into a few financial problems such as phone, car, and school). Instead of ending on Hongbin’s birthday, September 29th, I’m going to end it on October 10th, 2014 at 6:00 AM CST. That’s one week before my birthday. That gives you around half a month to continue reblogging for a chance to win. I also updated the rules, so it’s clearer. c: Have fun reblogging!

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I love this song so much.

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Feel free to use this PNG as an overlay for your photos or artwork. Just make sure to credit me.

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I finally finished it! I’ve been working on this for awhile now; work and school have consumed a large amount of my free time. It’s essentially a pencil drawing but I’ve added a lot of digital elements (this is what happens when you give a rookie PhotoShop) because I wanted to go for a more “artsy” sort of graphic look, I guess you could say. I thought to make it look like newsprint but decided to just add a grainy texture instead. I’m still a bit unsure about the flower placement, though; it seems a bit weird, but once I mirrored the image I liked it a lot more. Oh well, I’m too lazy to change it. 
Dedicated to exotaobias16 for no reason other than she’s as big a Tao stan as I am :)